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Spam? Say hello to my little friend! The LDRBL!

Spam? Say hello to my little friend! The LSRBL!

Make no mistake, spam poses the single largest threat to the usefulness of the internet. Yet, UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email) would vanish overnight if everyone, and I do mean everyone, suddenly stopped doing any business with the senders of unsolicited email.

Leaving aside all of the phishing scams for one moment, the rising volume of unsolicited email promotions would level off and vanish over the next few years IF zero percent of email users responded in any way to unsolicited email. It's a simple fact of commerce. Spammers are in business to lighten your bank account, period. However, because of the unlikelihood of everyone around the world evolving to the next step of email user horse sense, Linksky security and technical staff continues to maintain and refine countermeasures which continues to work behind the scenes to help diminish the spam issue for Linksky email account users. To this end, recently we have taken another great leap forward with the establishment of our own, exclusive real time blacklist - The Linksky LDRBL which stands for, Linksky Domain Real Time Black List.

According to our internal statistics, within the first month of operation this blacklist has now achieved a remarkable reduction of between 70 and 80% of all junk mail destined for all Linksky account holders, and this is BEFORE our regular MailScanner scoring system and other countermeasures take effect. The new Linksky LRDBL spam shield is a pre-filter which has been placed at the gate, so to speak, within all Linksky service email systems. And it is designed and operated in such a way that there are zero false positives.

Please visit the new pages on the site that describes the operation of this new anti-spam method in detail:

Even though the LDRBL works silently in the background to keep Linksky hosted email accounts spam free, it can also be made even better with group participation from Linksky members. Included on the LDRBL website page is a brief fill-out form for your use, where Linksky members may paste in the Reply-To email addresses from the spam you receive. This is not required but your participation increase the accuracy of our new real-time blacklist over time. Once we receive your list of addresses, prior to adding them to the black list, we conduct a thorough verification (using research tools from both within and outside Linksky email systems) that the email addresses were used exclusively to send spam. In this manner your participation will help you to receive less spam along with the entire Linksky membership.

Pitch in as we all say "Hasta la vista, baby." to the year-round stream of irritating junk email commonly known as spam.