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Add Ecwid to your site and start selling today!

Check the Ecwid site for all the features and benefits.

There are plenty of services you can use to establish e-commerce on your LinkSky hosted web site, but Ecwid is probably the easiest and one of the most cost-efficient. Below is a list of the features we like the most about this system:

  • YES! You can add the Ecwid e-commerce widgets to any existing web site.
  • YES! Ecwid offers methods you can use to sell on Facebook and other social media.
  • YES! Ecwid offers a perpetual free account for up to 10 products, with zero transaction fees. This is a full-featured account, not a trial offer. Also, none of their accounts have transaction fees or any hidden costs.
  • YES! Ecwid's e-commerce widgets are easy to integrate into your current site and design style, or we can refer you to LinkSky hosted webmasters who can assist for a nominal fee.
  • YES! You can dissplay your store on your LinkSky hosted site, Facebook, Blogger... ANYWHERE, then sell simultaneously from all locations! Changes made to your Ecwid account/products are instantly updated everywhere you use the Ecwid widgets.
  • YES! Absolutely no need to install SSL certificates, nor any of the usual additional fees associated with online e-commerce. All transactions are handled securely through your account on the Ecwid system.
  • YES! E-commerce system upgrades are effortless and seamless! You don't have to watch for or install upgrades, security patches, etc.

Informative Ecwid videos

Getting Started with ECWID:

Adding Products:

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We absolutely love helping our members to be successful in ways some never thought possible!